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The versatile Belgian born Artist, Designer, Vintage Design Furniture Expert & Collector, Gourmet Chef and Innovative Entrepreneur is the catalyst of this exeptional marketplace & inspiring website.  Every single thing, item or whatever you will discover here is carefully selected, curated, approved, loved, appreciated and presented with passion and an underlaying purpose from Felix de Boussy.

He wants to share with the World, his ideas, philosophy and vision about everything that is, or can become beautiful for Blue Monkeys...

People who think out of the box, who can think or see things with an eclectic philosofy and state of mind: alchemists, design-forward & brand agnostic souls will appreciate what they can discover on this signature site.

Brands are not important for him, what is important is that you can appreciate or learn to "admire something because of what it is or what it looks like or what it represents for you", or for any reason surpassing a label or a brand.