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The versatile Belgian born Artist, Designer, Vintage Design Furniture Expert & Collector, Gourmet Chef and Innovative Entrepreneur is the catalyst of this exeptional marketplace & inspiring website.  Every single thing, item or whatever you will discover here is carefully selected, curated, approved, loved, appreciated and presented with passion and an underlaying purpose from Felix de Boussy.

He wants to share with the World, his ideas, philosophy and vision about everything that is, or can become beautiful for Blue Monkeys...

People who think out of the box, who can think or see things with an eclectic philosofy and state of mind: alchemists, design-forward & brand agnostic souls will appreciate what they can discover on this signature site.

Brands are not important for him, what is important is that you can appreciate or learn to "admire something because of what it is or what it looks like or what it represents for you", or for any reason surpassing a label or a brand. 

Felix de Boussy 

Born in Ostend, Belgium on January 30, 1964 as Luc André Marie Rommelaere, the son of Roland Rommelaere & Margarita Bovit. 

He studied Plastic arts but left school quickly. He worked for 16 years as a waiter / barman in all the trendy clubs and bars in Ostend, and became a well know figure in Ostend. His next step was becoming a top performing sales & marketing manager  in the corporate world. He is charismatic, creative & his artistic way to get things done are legendary, he always looks at opportunities and solutions, never at problems or constraints. Soon Luc Rommelaere became an independent collector /dealer of rare vintage design furniture and is a renowned expert in this field. In 2012 he started the website, one of the 1st vintage design furniture websites in the world.

A couple of years later he helped his wife to realise one of her dreams. He opened a ladies-only 30 minutes circuit training fitness business under the name FITESSO. As an autodidact he studied all alternative methods for weight loss and advised his customers about healthy eating habits. That proves he is a very versatile individual and a top achiever. He never does half work he gives everything 1000%. 

As a visionary, he knew that the prices and availability of rare , good quality vintage design furniture would go trough the roof very fast.

This is when he decided to start designing vintage inspired furniture, no copies but strongly influenced by the design masters of the 50s 60s and 70s. In 2014 by chance he bumped into  Tjandra Yulianto who had a small furniture factory in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and they made a agreement that was beneficial for both parties. It gave him the opportunity to freely experiment and make designs for furniture without having to invest in machines and more. He made the drawings & designed the furniture , Yulianto produced it and had it shipped to Belgium , and a Belgian company were Luc Rommelaere ( Felix de Boussy ) was CEO  took care of all the marketing and sales of these consigned design furnishings owned by Yulanto via his contacts and knowledge of online marketing and specialized marketplaces. 

By starting to design and as his brain goes in all directions he started making art furniture , using the acid etching technique. That incorporated with his passion and love for crystals , minerals, fossils & meteorites sculpted by nature, helping him to progress in his art more and more and giving him a vision and a clearer insight of how he wants to evolve.

One of the characteristics of his work is that he mostly starts with drawing simple lines that are freely drawn with no intentions or goals just let it flow out. Then he starts thinking about materials to use, structures, shapes, depths , colours, finishes , incorporating multiple material groups or prints or... The sky is the limit now.  Felix lives in Bangkok, Bali & Ostend.